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I have met several people in my time in the SCA and traveling around that
has found the us from Mariam Zimmer Bradley's books (who came up with the
SCA name back in the beginning has I've been told several times)
Ld Carlos
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I first heard of the SCA in a SciFi book, from there I went looking   In
1992 ,  I found the Barony of a Thousand Eyes in Atenveldt (now Artemesia)
holding a fighter practice at Tauphaus Park in Idaho Falls.  I was hooked,
they members were friendly, outgoing and made me feel welcome.  They had a
sign in sheet and made sure the newcomers were invited to events and fighter
practices.  I played with them until 1997 when I moved back to Baton Rouge,
LA (Meridies) to the Shire of Wrymgeist.

When we moved to Fort Worth in 2000, I contacted the Elfsea Hospitaler.
Although my zipcode (Burleson)  is in Elfsea, she directed me to Loch Ruadh,
IT was like my old Barony in Atenveldt (Artemesia).

Seems that my first exposure was a book then a fighter practice - unusual??

Yours in Service
Alaric Morgenseg
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> In the past we have done this by asking a large group of us,
> "What event, demo, fighter practice, whatever was your
> introduction
> to the SCA?" It is interesting to see the results.


Well, I was living in Temple Texas (10 years ago) and was the head designer
for hair and makeup for the local Civic Theater. We were doing a production
of "Brigadoon" and several of the cast members and extras had such cool
costumes that I knew did not come from our costume department.

I asked one of the extras where did you get your costume and she, Lady
Pamela the Harper, told me she made it. Next thing I knew I was surrounded
(silly grin) by people saying that they made theirs too. I asked why and was
told about the SCA. Well being freshly divorced and not too sure how to meet
single men I thought it would be an interesting way to meet interesting

Boy howdy was that an understatement!

I went to the local fighter practice there and was rather timid about asking
questions (ok, I was a very different person then) and when I mentioned in
passing that the fighting looked like fun I was thrust into armor!

Little did the good people of Tempio know that I had spent the last 7 years
getting beat on by my ex and I was not about to enlighten them. It was some
of the best therapy I could have received. I learned that I can stand up and
give just as good as I get. I stopped cringing from men and became the woman
I am today. Strong, assured and confident. I am thankful for my friends in
Tempio for being my "foster" family. They are truly wonderful people.

I can not imagine my life without the SCA. I tried it for a couple of years
and I felt like a part of me was missing. I have met people that I think of
as family here. In the past, times have been difficult for me in the SCA but
the good far out strips the trials. I have raised my children in the SCA and
I will be around for a very long time. (sigh) getting a bit maudlin here.

Life IS good in Elfsea.

HL Brigit Ní Sheachnasaigh (O'Shaughnessey)
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