[Elfsea] things for thought

Elizabeth Hawkwood Rbnew5 at netscape.net
Thu Oct 31 22:49:44 PST 2002

I can remember signing in at Moot when it was at the T&P
building. When we moved, the sign-in sheets must have
"blown away."

bice.pietro at charter.net wrote:

> I don't know about all the other groups, but in Loch Ruadh, we have
> sign-in
> sheets
> at our populace meetings and I get the new people to put their contact
> info
> on the
> back of the sheets.  At fighter practice or other meetings, workshops,
> etc., I get
> the info of any new or visiting people and add it to our file later.
> Bicé
> Hospitaler
> Loch Ruadh

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