[Elfsea] Springfaire Reminders

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I'll also be helping in the tear-down.


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Barbarian Springfaire Reminders

Trailer loading begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Baronial shed.  More hands make
for light work.  The following people have volunteered to be shed empty-ers
and trailer load-ers: Set up Coordinator Tristin of Starlake, Ceatta o
Gulcleth, and Brighid of Glenbaun.  We could use some more help.

The Volunteer Competition begins Thursday @ 7:00 p.m. remember to report
your hours to HL Fearghus.

The following people have volunteered for Set up on Friday afternoon:
Elizabeth Pendarvis and Caius ......(his last name eludes me, my memory is
awful), Ceatta o Gulcleth, and Rosalia di Bellavita.  Is there anyone else
who can show up early at the site on Friday?

We need donations for prizes.  I've only received 1 so far and it's for the
King of Fools.  Dig in your stuff folks; I don't even have small baskets.

Tear Down Crew, the following people have volunteered: Brigit ni
Sheachnasaigh, Brighid of Glenbaun, and Isolda von Rugen (aka Vix).  Anybody


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