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Just an FYI to our lovely Sister Barony!


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Greetings unto the populace of the Barony of the Steppes and it's beautiful Cantons of Lindenwood and Glaslyn!

I have important news regarding fighter practices in our fair Barony.

First and foremost, starting the first weekend in May, May 6th to be exact, Sunday 2:00 p.m. fighter practice will be moved back to Mary Heads Carter park in Carrollton.  While Flag Pole Hill is a nice park with larger shade trees, attendance has been extremely low and the lack of certain amenities such as handicapped accessable restrooms, water and a close playground were factors.

Next, I would like to discuss two specific fighter practice Sundays in April.  This coming weekend is ElfSea Spring Fair.  HE Fritz has informed me that he will be unable to attend fighter practice on Sunday April 6th due to Spring Fair.  I am unable to fight until sometime near the end of April.  So... is anyone going to show up at FlagPole Hill to fight on Sunday?  If people want to show up and fight, I'll drive down with the loaner gear and do the Marshal thing, but I don't want to drive down if nobody is going to be there.  So, let me know if you're interested.  Post it to the list and we'll see how many people want to fight this weekend.  If nobody replies that they want to fight, I'll cancel the practice.  Check this space Sunday morning for official word.

The next Sunday in question is April 20th, Easter weekend.  I will be unable to attend practice that day.  If anyone needs the loaner gear, please contact me privately in advance and we'll work something out.  Otherwise, the loaner gear will not be at FlagPole Hill on the 20th.

Yours in Service,
Lord Morgan Buchanan
Knight Marshal
Barony of the Steppes, Ansteorra

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