[Elfsea] Book for sale on E-bay

Polydore polydore at worldnet.att.net
Thu Apr 3 19:18:05 PST 2003

I just did some searching and found we were talking apples and oranges...
I have "The Pirotechnia" and you are looking for "Pyrotechnia" (The I
instead of the Y is a language difference.)
Different subjects, different authors, though this might still have some
things of use in it for you.
Is is of all 1530 AD  vintage things industrial related to fire.
Everything from refining ores and moldiing metals to some of what
probably would have been considered Alchemy.

ABE Books did find a copy of the one you are looking for in about 3
seconds, but you best want it pretty bad.
The one they have available is a first edition (yes - 1635), leather
covered, about 12" tall, and they are asking $1875.00 for it.
If you leave a search running with them, you will probably come up with
one sooner or later, in one of the reprints you are looking for. It took
about 2.5 years but they found me a very reasobnably priced copy of
"From Viking to Crusader", which is another very difficult one to find.

Anyway, best of luck!

david cade wrote:

> Hi, Polydore,
> I looked on Amazon, but didn't see it.  Is the the one by John
> Babington?  I
> would be delighted to borrow or even buy it from you if you are willing.
> I'm listed on several used book lists, but never had a bite.  I once
> saw an
> original being auctioned, but couldn't afford it. Also, If you are
> interested in modern pyro, contact me off list.  I do a professional
> show in
> July, you might have fun being crew for a shoot.  Unlike love, the earth
> really DOES move.  Thanks for your interest.
> I hope to do a shoot someday as and A&S entry.
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>> Actually, I have a Dover edition, published in 1990.
>> It is still available new from Amazon.com, and probably most other book
>> stores.
>> It is a large paperback.
>> The last hardcover edition I am aware of is a 1959 edition, which is
>> probably the one reprinted in 1972.
>> If you want the hardcover, you will need to search the used book places,
>> I would sugest ABE Books online search.
>> Polydore
>> david cade wrote:
>>> Speaking of books, I'm still looking for a book called Pyrotechnia.
>>> It was
>>> originally published in 1638, last reprinted in 1972.  If anyone
>>> happens to
>>> run across one please let me know.  Thanks
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