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Mon Apr 7 07:21:05 PDT 2003

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Good Gentles,

My lord and I daytripped to Springfaire & had a wonderful time.  The
weather was beautiful -- perfect for this event.

We enjoyed helping at gate and talking with Ld. Armand Dragonetti (I'm
sure I spelled that wrong!) as we did.  I would also like to say the site
tokens were great!  Whoever designed and made them deserves a big "Vivat"
from the populace of Elfsea. The autocrats and everyone else who worked
to make this event a success did  a wonderful job!  Thank you.

Having had difficulties walking this site in the past, I would like to
offer the following comments.  At the first event I attended at this
site, I fell several times due to tree roots, etc. -- I noticed Saturday
that these nasty roots were no where near as much in evidence as they
have been in the past.  Hooray!!  Since many times now, I have to use a
cane to get around, I was also very pleased to see a handicapped
port-o-pottie on site.  These are very helpful to those of us who have
difficulties moving.  As usual, there were multiple spiders in residence
who checked out my attire; however, again, there were not near as many of
them doing this as there have been in the past.   I believe that some of
the problems I have had with this site (roots to trip over & hordes of
insects) have been  alleviated somewhat simply because the site is used
more.  I am very glad that I went despite my misgivings and I would
encourage others to attend the next event held here.

In service to the dream,

(a person of no importance)

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