[Elfsea] springfaire & dogs

Michelle Dodd lygabrielerdb at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 7 08:14:59 PDT 2003

I day tripped to Springfaire & had a wonderful time. I was very happy to see
all the dogs (& the polar bear ;) ) in attendance. I want to say thank you
to the gentlemen who weren't put off by my very spoiled poodle growling at
them. It was a very good experience for her. I hope to bring her to other
events in the future.
I know this doesn't get said very often, but I was sorry that court ended so
quickly. Especially since while driving home to Lewisville, I didn't even
get rained on.
Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful event & for making my puppy

Ly Gabriele & Danielle

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are
allowed to remain children all our lives. (Albert Einstein)

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