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Well,  that is a confusing thing.  In the OP and I believe on his AOA scroll
(which was torn up by some Queen, I believe you know the story), it is
spelled Aradon.  On his Sable Crane scroll it is spelled Aradon, however
when he writes it, he spells it Arodonn.  He had changed it to this about 7
years ago when he was told by his mother that she had found it spelled that
way as Celtic meaning "Sky Child", which she rather liked.  Of course, she
did not retain that documentation and my research, nor the volunteers at the
Academy of Saint Gabriel  can find it again.  So, since his name is not
registered, my opinion is that it should be spelled to his preference,
Arodonn of FalconRose Keep, as he signs himself.  .........., oh, apparently
I was wrong,  he tells me this morning that he has decided that he wants to
go back to spelling it Aradon, it is easier and he likes it better and may
be better able to come up with something closer for documentation.  My, my..
....Aradon of FalconRose Keep would then be the proper spelling.

Thank you so much for asking, and for doing this for him.

Love and Peace Always,
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Good Gentles,

My lord and I daytripped to Springfaire & had a wonderful time. The
weather was beautiful -- perfect for this event.

We enjoyed helping at gate and talking with Ld. Armand Dragonetti (I'm
sure I spelled that wrong!) as we did. I would also like to say the site
tokens were great! Whoever designed and made them deserves a big "Vivat"
from the populace of Elfsea. The autocrats and everyone else who worked
to make this event a success did a wonderful job! Thank you.

Having had difficulties walking this site in the past, I would like to
offer the following comments. At the first event I attended at this
site, I fell several times due to tree roots, etc. -- I noticed Saturday
that these nasty roots were no where near as much in evidence as they
have been in the past. Hooray!! Since many times now, I have to use a
cane to get around, I was also very pleased to see a handicapped
port-o-pottie on site. These are very helpful to those of us who have
difficulties moving. As usual, there were multiple spiders in residence
who checked out my attire; however, again, there were not near as many of
them doing this as there have been in the past. I believe that some of
the problems I have had with this site (roots to trip over & hordes of
insects) have been alleviated somewhat simply because the site is used
more. I am very glad that I went despite my misgivings and I would
encourage others to attend the next event held here.

In service to the dream,

(a person of no importance)

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