[Elfsea] Eowyn graduates!

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Yipee, I'm so excited for her.  And with those honors!  What a great
accomplishment.  They used to never accept graduate students in the medical
profession who were older.  My hats off to her, "GO GIRL FRIEND."

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For those who know her Miestress Eowyn (whom I was once apprenticed to) will
be graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Biology and a minor in
Psychology on 5/17/03!

WHat's more She has been accepted to Pikeville College School of Osteopathic
Medicine where she will begin her studies in fall of 2004. eventually
becoming a D.O.!

For those who would like to drop her a line contact me off list and I will
give you her current e-mail addy.

Proud former apprentice to Eowyn
Proud Husband of Rosalia
(it's turning into a really good May!)

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