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Mon Apr 7 17:42:22 PDT 2003

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gretings to the list

I  was wo hoeing some one can help me. My lady and i had planed to go to
ggulf war this last itme but due to  mundane issues were not able to make it.
M' lady  send in  a refund request   before the dead line post dated feb 28
 as of yet we have not gotten our refund nor have had any replies back from
the  personladyin charge  of resorvations/ refunds.
I have emaile him/her three times to no avil.
 does it usally take this long to get a refund ? or  do i need to talk to
somebody who can take care of the problem.

 Being this was going to be our first Gulf war  we dont know what to expect.
but i fell  that after almost a month after the event with no refund or even
a reply back i waited long enough to be concered and  ask about it.

thanks for and help advice

Ailgen'an mac A'eda meic Canann
Chris Fite
Canton of Dragonsfire Tor
House Dragon's Fire Forge
Barony of Elfsea

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