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Fiber Arts Focused Collegium
The Fiber Arts Collegium will be held April 19, 2003 (The Saturday before
Easter) at the home of Mistress Xene. We will have both morning and
afternoon classes. Watch the Steppes List for the class schedule and
directions. Anne the Spinster will be doing her "Sheep to Shawl"
presentation. Morgan Cain will be teaching a beginning knitting class in
the morning and a more advanced class in the afternoon. Her classes will
include history of period knitting. Lady Averial will teach a class on
inkle weaving and Mistress Kalida will teach embroidery. Also, Mistress
Xene will teach a class on needlepoint. HL Philip White will teach a
class on finger loop weaving.
Garb is optional for this event. Please wear whatever you are comfortable
There will be the usual potluck lunch. Please bring something to
contribute to the lunch. We request that you bring real food, not just
chips and dips. Suggestions might be sandwiches, cold meats, side dishes
such as slaw, salad, green bean salad, etc., maybe some chips or baked
beans (cold or in a crock pot), pickles and olives, deviled eggs, etc. Of
course, a dessert or two would be nice--a fruit platter is a light option
for dessert. Does that give you a few ideas?

Please note that this is NOT specifically targeted for either men or
women. It is for anyone with an interest in the fiber arts.

Lord Vincenzo Cellini
A&S Minister
E-mail: lizdenpeters at juno.com
Phone:  214-330-8518
P.S. Don't forget about the Sari Safari this Saturday, April 12, 2003.
For additional information, contact Lady Elspeth de Forbeys at
tcox at nappco.com

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