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Just wanted to let you know that Adam, (Agnar) has been deployed to Iraq and should be touching down in Kuwait about midnight tonight.  If you would like his address, just send me an email and I will gladly provide it for you.  I will email Maria also, but many had asked for me to post this info.

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated,

Ldy Daungerous dhe Ruadh
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  Sorry for the bandwidth on this topic. I'll be brief.

  I have set up a webpage for anyone that has family over there in Iraq. If
  you have a famly member or if we have any SCAdians over there right now and
  would like to have them listed, please e-mail me privately.

  I want to keep track of all of our family's family members and our SCAdians.
  Please remember, if they are not members of your family, please get the
  permission of the family first. Gracias!


  Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca
  (proud daughter of a Vietnam Vet and sister of a soldier in Iraq)

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