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Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Wed Apr 9 06:15:25 PDT 2003

The North-Central Textile Guild will be doing just this at a 'Saturday
Class' in June.  Hope you can join us!

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> Arabella here and I'll be there.
> I am really interested in a "hands on" felting class, for mittens,
> maybe hats, or anything else that would use felted wool.  Does anyone know
> how to do this?  I've discovered I'm not to keen on spinning but I like
> dying and maybe would like to felt.  Any teachers?  I can acquire a great
> deal of wool I believe.
> I will also try knitting again.  The last time I tried I got lost very
> easily.  I had issues with being distracted and counting.  Maybe Morgan
> teach me tricks.
> HL Arabella
> Subject: [Steppes] Fiber Arts Focused Collegium
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> Fiber Arts Focused Collegium
> The Fiber Arts Collegium will be held April 19, 2003 (The Saturday before
> Easter) at the home of Mistress Xene. We will have both morning and
> afternoon classes. Watch the Steppes List for the class schedule and
> directions. Anne the Spinster will be doing her "Sheep to Shawl"
> presentation. Morgan Cain will be teaching a beginning knitting class in
> the morning and a more advanced class in the afternoon. Her classes will
> include history of period knitting. Lady Averial will teach a class on
> inkle weaving and Mistress Kalida will teach embroidery. Also, Mistress
> Xene will teach a class on needlepoint. HL Philip White will teach a
> class on finger loop weaving.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Garb is optional for this event. Please wear whatever you are comfortable
> in.
> There will be the usual potluck lunch. Please bring something to
> contribute to the lunch. We request that you bring real food, not just
> chips and dips. Suggestions might be sandwiches, cold meats, side dishes
> such as slaw, salad, green bean salad, etc., maybe some chips or baked
> beans (cold or in a crock pot), pickles and olives, deviled eggs, etc. Of
> course, a dessert or two would be nice--a fruit platter is a light option
> for dessert. Does that give you a few ideas?
> Please note that this is NOT specifically targeted for either men or
> women. It is for anyone with an interest in the fiber arts.
> Lord Vincenzo Cellini
> A&S Minister
> E-mail: lizdenpeters at juno.com
> Phone:  214-330-8518
> P.S. Don't forget about the Sari Safari this Saturday, April 12, 2003.
> For additional information, contact Lady Elspeth de Forbeys at
> tcox at nappco.com
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