[Elfsea] Knitting classes at the Fiber Arts Focused Collegium

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Thu Apr 10 10:54:30 PDT 2003

Just to be sure that we have the right materials:

> Morgan Cain will be teaching a beginning knitting class in
> the morning and a more advanced class in the afternoon.
> Her classes will include history of period knitting.

MORNING CLASS - I will try to have enough needles and yarn for the
students.  If you want to bring your own, get a LIGHT-coloured yarn that is
smooth, and needles in a size between US6 and US9.  Yarns you can use that
are easy to find include Caron Sayelle, Red Heart, Wool-Ease (worsted or
chunky, NOT sportweight!), Sugar 'n' Cream, Wintuck, Brown Sheep Naturespun
Worsted, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted.  This is an any-ages class, but
I prefer students who know how to write with a pencil (fine-motor control
issues, this mostly means at least first or second grade in age, no jokes
about how all you do these days is type).

AFTERNOON CLASS - If you are an experienced knitter and want to bring your
own tools and supplies, you need six double-pointed needles in the same
size, and appropriate weight of yarn in at least two or three colours.  You
will be learning to use dpns and colurwork, both period techniques.  Again,
I will try to have some materials with me, but I tend to run short on dpns.
If you already have the techniques, learn to use them to reproduce period
items.  Don't worry about how fine the knitting should be for the class.

If anybody has questions, let me know.

                                           ---= Morgan

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."   ---= Anais Nin

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