[Elfsea] Knitting classes at the Fiber Arts Focused Collegium

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Thu Apr 10 14:45:11 PDT 2003

two questions: how to I get there?  and, is this an official event? (will I
need a minor's waiver?)



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>Just to be sure that we have the right materials:
> > Morgan Cain will be teaching a beginning knitting class in
> > the morning and a more advanced class in the afternoon.
> > Her classes will include history of period knitting.
>MORNING CLASS - I will try to have enough needles and yarn for the
>students.  If you want to bring your own, get a LIGHT-coloured yarn that is
>smooth, and needles in a size between US6 and US9.  Yarns you can use that
>are easy to find include Caron Sayelle, Red Heart, Wool-Ease (worsted or
>chunky, NOT sportweight!), Sugar 'n' Cream, Wintuck, Brown Sheep Naturespun
>Worsted, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted.  This is an any-ages class, but
>I prefer students who know how to write with a pencil (fine-motor control
>issues, this mostly means at least first or second grade in age, no jokes
>about how all you do these days is type).
>AFTERNOON CLASS - If you are an experienced knitter and want to bring your
>own tools and supplies, you need six double-pointed needles in the same
>size, and appropriate weight of yarn in at least two or three colours.  You
>will be learning to use dpns and colurwork, both period techniques.  Again,
>I will try to have some materials with me, but I tend to run short on dpns.
>If you already have the techniques, learn to use them to reproduce period
>items.  Don't worry about how fine the knitting should be for the class.
>If anybody has questions, let me know.
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