[Elfsea] Fiber Arts Collegium Embroidery class

wjwakefield@juno.com wjwakefield at juno.com
Thu Apr 10 22:17:31 PDT 2003

The embroidery class will be beginning embroidery.  I hope to cover the
following basic stitches, which can be used to make a variety of designs:
stem (outline), chain, buttonhole (blanket), feather, satin, cross,
couching - maybe others if time permits.  I will bring a little book that
illustrates some of these, but I don't have enough copies for a
handout...  If you have a Known World Handbook, it illustrates most of
these very well.

I will bring muslin pieces for making samplers and assorted floss and
needles.  If you have floss you want to work with, please bring it.  The
usual floss is 6-strand cotton - DMC is good, but cheap floss will work
too.  WalMart used to have packages of several colors for a couple of

I might have a couple of hoops, but if you can bring one, that would be
good.  A hoop helps keep even tension on the fabric and helps keep the
stitches even.  Especially if you are just learning, I recommend one.
They are usually relatively cheap (around a couple of dollars - don't get
an expensive one).

Also bring small sharp scissors if you have a pair, and a thimble if you
like to use them...

I find embroidery to be fun, and I hope you will too.  (And you can make
neat favors and things, cheap, or decorate tunics and garb - and it only
takes a little time)
Suzanna, herbalist

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