[Elfsea] Knitting classes at the Fiber Arts Focused Collegium

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Vincenzo is at work so I am answering in his stead.  When we had the
first collegium over a year ago, we were advised that since this event is
done under the auspices of the SCA, it is an official event even though
it is not a "calendar" event.  We were advised that because of this, we
needed to have sign-up sheets & waivers for each collegium. We were told
this needed to be done whether the collegium was held in a private home
or public/rented space.  And, while there is not an official gate fee per
se, the semi-official gate fee is to contribute to the pot luck lunch.
After each collegium, I turn in the sign up sheets & waivers to our
seneschal.  We were told this was necessary in order to hold these events
so we do it.

Unlike you, I have not taken the seneschal's class; however, since we
were told this was the way these collegiums need to be handled, that is
what we do.

We are trying to organize two more collegiums; one for midsummer and one
for the fall.  The midsummer one will be a Clothier's Focused Collegium
that will be more than basic t-tunics and pants yet not as advanced as
high Elizabethan but we have not finalized the classes yet.  The one for
fall will be on the Bardic Arts.  Again, the classes for this one have
not been finalized either.

I hope this explains why we have sign up sheets & waivers for these

Lady Fionnuala the Fey (Nuala)
for Lord Vincenzo Cellini
MOAS, Barony of the Steppes

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 22:38:44 -0500 "Lisa Duke" <arabella at elfsea.net>
> Vincenzo,
> I understand your enthusiasm and I'm glad this workshop is taking
> place.  We
> should have more of them.
> I have difficulty calling this an official event.  Having taken the
> seneschal's class I can tell you this *does not have to be an
> official
> event.*  It is taking place in someone's private home, no money is
> changing
> hands and there is not anything which could be considered fighting.
> The
> crown won't be there, there will be no awards, it's not on the
> Kingdom
> Calendar.  Only people learning about fiber arts.  There is no need
> for
> waivers.  This should not be an official event.
> The lady who is asking is 17 and must have a parental permission for
> an
> official event.  She doesn't really need one for this if it's not
> an
> official event.
> Just my 2 centavos
> Arabella
> Subject: Re: [Elfsea] Knitting classes at the Fiber Arts Focused
> Collegium
> M'lady,
> There will be directions to the site posted early next week.  The
> event
> will be held in Cedar Hill, not far from the intersection of Highway
> 67 &
> Highway 1382/Beltline.  This is an official event and there will be
> sign-in sheets and waivers available.  There is NO site fee;
> however, we
> do ask participants to bring a contribution to the pot luck lunch.
> If you have any additional questions, please let me know.
> Lord Vincenzo Cellini
> MOAS, Barony of the Steppes
> On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 16:45:11 -0500 "Katelyn Crane"
> <salara_dragon at hotmail.com> writes:
> > two questions: how to I get there?  and, is this an official
> event?
> > (will I
> > need a minor's waiver?)
> >
> > thanks!
> >
> > Irina.
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