[Elfsea] Fiber Arts Collegium - Directions and mini-revel afterwards

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at attbi.com
Sat Apr 12 11:07:30 PDT 2003

Xene here:


This event will be kicking off around 9 AM Saturday, April 19th at my house.

The address is:

302 Sweetgum Dr.
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

My home phone number is: (972) 299-9867.

To get here from Dallas, find your best way to Hwy 67 and Hwy 1382.  Take
the Cedar Hill / 1382 exit, then turn left over Hwy 67 (head east).  Stay on
1382 and it will merge with Beltline Rd.  You will go through the light at
Joe Wilson Rd. and the next light is S. Waterford Oaks.  There is a lot of
construction and this is a new light, so the street sign isn't up at this
time.  Turn right at this light (head south) on S. Waterford Oaks.

You will drive until you see the dead-end and take the last left onto
Shadywood Dr.  Take the first left after that onto Sweetgum.  We are the
last house on the right.  It is a 2-story, red brick house with a front
porch.  Hopefully, we can have a banner out front.

I will have supplies for my little class. I also have a *few* skeins of
embroidery floss in case you don't get a chance to purchase your own and
enough yarn (acrylic) to get you started on some new fiber addiction!

After the collegium officially ends (I'm not sure what time that is -
Vincenzo? - 5ish?), Llywelyn and I are opening up our house for a mini-revel
and bar-b-que.  Those spouses who have dropped of their partners in the
morning for a day of creativity can come join us for an evening of
relaxation, eating, and sharing of our joy of Spring!!  Even if you didn't
have a spouse here, please feel welcome to join us. You might want to bring
your camp chairs just in case.  Who know, perhaps a round of "The Great
Dalmuti" will break out!

See you there!


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