[Elfsea] mini-revel afterwards

Crandall crandall at elfsea.net
Mon Apr 14 12:17:17 PDT 2003

I am sorry that I well not be able to make it, as I must work 4pm -12 that weekend. Lift a glass to me.
Hope that you all have a nice Easter.


>After the collegium officially ends (I'm not sure what time that is -
>Vincenzo? - 5ish?), Llywelyn and I are opening up our house for a mini-revel
>and bar-b-que.  Those spouses who have dropped of their partners in the
>morning for a day of creativity can come join us for an evening of
>relaxation, eating, and sharing of our joy of Spring!!  Even if you didn't
>have a spouse here, please feel welcome to join us. You might want to bring
>your camp chairs just in case.  Who know, perhaps a round of "The Great
>Dalmuti" will break out!
>See you there!

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