[Elfsea] SMU Demo info

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 12:02:26 PDT 2003

Sent one email out but have not seen it post so
forgive if i double post.

Have spoken to the SMU campus and we are on for the
23rd (wednesday) of this month. We have plenty of
tables for A&S stuff. There is room for fighting, and
they would really like to see Heralds and Bards in
action too. There is a stage for use. There is room
for horses, no riding will be allowed, but they would
love to see a horse or two in tabard/armor if we can
swing it and there is anyone able to do so.

Parking for loading and unloading will be close, altho
i am being told after that we will have to move cars
to a common area.

I have not been given directions, but they will be in
before tomorrow, i will post them when i get them.
Setup will begin at 930, the demo lasts until 230.
Thank you for any help you can lend to make this a
great demo.

In service,

Ulrich of Carolingia

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