[Elfsea] A Most Interesting E-mail is coming your way

Shaw, Donnel ShawD at chisd.com
Wed Apr 16 05:56:16 PDT 2003

Ok disregard that email sorry. Wrong email. I thought it was the one
obove this one.

Donnel Shaw
Pre K

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There is a most interesting e-mail coming to the Elfsea list.  If anyone
wishes to know more about it, please contact Master Richard Fairborn,
Seneschal Elfsea, at dalern at aetna.com
<../../options/elfsea/dalern--at--aetna.com>  or Their excellencies at
Daniel Stewart <mailto:baron at elfsea.net>  or Siobhan Ui Niall
<mailto:baroness at elfsea.net> .

Ceatta o Gulcleth
Keeper of the Elfsea List

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