[Elfsea] SMU - reminder

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 08:51:44 PDT 2003

Greetings all,

I have just spoke to the SMU people about the Demo
coming up on the 23rd. All is a go and they are
looking forward to the SCA coming. I have been Assured
that we will have all the tables we want for A&S.
There is room for a horse or two (no riding) in
tabards. Heavy list fighting is allowed as is Rapier.
I will be heading up the archery display - there will
be no shooting, but we are allowed to show and tell :)

We need heralds and bards. There will be a stage to
cry and sing from. If anyone can spare a hour or two
this would be the place to have some fun and take a
lunch at :)

Directions to SMU will be posted by tomorrow. I am
recieving them from the campus and will pass them
along when i get them. Setup time will be on the 23rd
starting at 9:30am. The demo begins at 10:30 and ends
at 2:30. Ample room/shade/grassy area and tables have
been committed to us.

In service,

Ulrich of Carolingia

"Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci

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