[Elfsea] Crandall here

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Thu Apr 17 20:35:56 PDT 2003

410?  Wasn't that my number in line?


Polydore wrote:

> No, this would be his 410th - he said so! (I'll drink to that!)
> Polydore
> Tangwystl wrote:
> >Happy 49th then Crandall!

> >Thank you all very much for your wishes on my birthday.
> >
> >However, you may remember that I was asked to put off my 50th for one
> >so that we may celebrate "The Great Turning" of many of the younger
> >that will hit this extinguished age next year.
> >
> >Therefore, I declare that this is my Fortytenth birthday.
> >
> >Now if I can just find my walker, and take extra vitamins, I may show up
> >Caelin's / A&S / Dance class tonight.
> >
> >Crandall

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