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I will be by later in the day and will have silk worms for any that want
them. You will need to bring a container for the silk worms.

Donnel Shaw
Pre K

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Good Gentles,
The Fiber Arts Collegium will be held April 19, 2003 (This Saturday) at
the home of Mistress Xene Theriane. Classes will begin at 9:00 A.M. We
will have both morning and afternoon classes. The tentative schedule is
listed below. This IS the SCA so all times are approximate. A.M. CLASSES
(9:00 A.M.) Fingerloop Weaving by HL Philip White Needlepoint by
Mistress Xene Theriane Beginning Knitting by Mistress Morgan Cain BRIDGE
CLASSES (After A.M. Classes end approx. 10-11:00 A.M.) Beginning
Embroidery by HL Suzanna Sheep to Shawl by Lady Anne Lunch Break
(Starting from 12-1:00 P.M. approximately, for about an hour) P.M.
CLASSES (After Lunch) Advanced Knitting by Mistress Morgan Cain Inkle
Weaving by Lady Averial Thorhalla (This will be at least a 3 hour
If there is a demand and the teachers are willing, some classes may be
repeated in the afternoon. However, this will be at the discretion of
the instructors. Beginning & Advanced Knitting by Mistress Morgan Cain.
Beginning Knitting will be a morning class and is combined with a basic
history of knitting. The Advanced Class will address specific techniques
to enable reproduction of period items. Some of the items needed for the
classes will be available for purchase: a basic ball of yarn and needles
for approximately $1.00 and a higher charge of $2-4.00 for the advanced
work. These costs are approximate as the materials kits and handouts
have not yet been finalized. If you want to bring your own materials,
beginners will need straight needles in size US 6-10 and a ball of
smooth yarn in a light colour. Any fiber will do but it needs to be
"worsted" weight or one that calls for needle sizes you have.
Suggestions for yarn include Sugar 'n' Cream, Red Heart, Wool-Ease,
Caron Sayelle, So Soft, Lamb's Pride, Naturespun, Cotton Classic,
Germantown, Galway, Patons Decor, and Encore. Beginning Embroidery by HL
Suzanna the Herbalist. The class will cover basic embroidery stitches;
however, there will not be a handout for this class. Suzanna will bring
muslin pieces, assorted floss, & needles. If you wish to bring your own,
that's OK too. You need to bring a hoop, small sharp scissors, and a
thimble, if you use one. Inkle Weaving by Lady Averial Thorhalla. If you
have an inkle loom and materials for it, bring them for this class.
There will be an extra loom or two available. Needlepoint by Mistress
Xene Theriane. This class will teach needlepoint techniques. There will
be some supplies available to help you get started on a new fiber
addiction "Sheep to Shawl" Presentation by Lady Anne the Spinster. This
is not a "hands on" class but an informational presentation and no
materials are needed. Finger Loop Weaving by HL Philip White. This is a
very portable handcraft and will enable you to produce period lacing for
your garb. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Garb is optional for this event. Please wear whatever you are
comfortable in. There will be coffee available in the morning. Water,
Iced Tea, and Lemonade will be the libations provided. There will be the
usual potluck lunch. Please bring something to contribute to the lunch.
We request that you bring real food, not just chips and dips.
Suggestions might be sandwiches, cold meats, side dishes such as slaw,
salad, green bean salad, etc., maybe some chips or baked beans (cold or
in a crock pot), pickles and olives, deviled eggs, etc. Of course, a
dessert or two would be nice--a fruit platter is a light option for
dessert. Does that give you a few ideas? This is a non-smoking site.
However, there will be a shaded smoking area outside with receptacles
for cigarette butts & ashes. There is a limited supply of chairs;
however, it wouldn't hurt to throw a couple in the car. (This is the
SCA, after all!) Please note that this is NOT specifically targeted for
either men or women. It is for anyone with an interest in the fiber
arts. After the classes end (exact time unknown since these things tend
to run on SCA time), Llywelyn and Xene are graciously opening their home
for a mini-revel and barbecue. Those spouses who have dropped of their
partners in the morning for a day of creativity can come join us for an
evening of relaxation, eating, and sharing of our joy of Spring!! Even
if you didn't have a spouse here, please feel welcome to join us. You
might want to bring your camp chairs just in case. Address & Directions
302 Sweetgum Dr. Cedar Hill, TX 75104 Call (972) 299-9867 if/when you
get lost. From Dallas, take your best route to Hwy. 67 (Hwy. 67 "Y"s off
I-35 South at Saner Avenue) at and Hwy 1382. Take the Cedar Hill / 1382
exit, then turn left over Hwy 67 (head east). Stay on 1382 and it will
merge with Beltline Rd. You will go through the light at Joe Wilson Rd.
and the next light is S. Waterford Oaks. There is a lot of construction
and this is a new light, so the street sign isn't up at this time. Turn
right at this light (head south) on S. Waterford Oaks. You will drive
until you see the dead-end and take the last left onto Shadywood Dr.
Take the first left after that onto Sweetgum. We are the last house on
the right. It is a 2-story, red brick house with a front porch. Please
do not block the ramp. We will have signs out; however, they will only
be at the intersection of Waterford Oaks & Beltline and at the actual
site. It's going to be a great day of learning and fun. We hope to see
you there. In service to the dream, Lord Vincenzo Cellini A&S Minister
E-mail: lizdenpeters at juno.com
Phone: 214-330-8518 _______________________________________________
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