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Even though practice is listed on the baronial website's calendar, I fear it
is not authoritative. _I_ update the calendar and occasionally, in the
absence of definitive info, recurring activities get posted without proper
review or confirmation. I suspect when I updated the calendar last, I wasn't
thinking about the holiday. My apologies for the confusion that this has
caused. The calendar does carry the disclaimer of "unofficial", but I take
full responsibility for it when it is in error. With all this in mind, I
would highly recommend that you get confirmation from the Knight Marshal,
Lord Seamus, before traveling to the park on Sunday. (Unless it's a short
journey for you.) In any event, I would not expect an Easter Sunday practice
to be heavily attended, but am glad to hear you have an enthusiastic friend.
I hope you can get him/her involved soon. Perhaps at Guardian of the Tor if
there is indeed no practice tomorrow.

Note: To Lord Seamus, I do not have this month's Elfsea Scroll handy, can
you respond with a definitive answer to the list regarding an Easter Sunday
practice? Thanks!

Elfsea Virtual Scribe

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> Ok, checking the calendar on the website, it shows that even though it's
Easter tomorrow, there will be FP out at Veteran's Park.
> So my question is will the loaner armor be out there? I have a friend
itching to be creamed.
> Karolus
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