[Elfsea] Crandall here

Crandall crandall at elfsea.net
Sun Apr 20 22:50:16 PDT 2003

Thank you for missing me, it seems that my time is no longer my own, and nightshifts on security duty are going to be directing my life for a while.
I can appreciate all my friends all the more. While you were eating brats in my honor, I was dealing with a mob of about 45 angry Hispanics, that were spoiling for a riot. Fortunately the two bad guys are now in jail, awaiting deportation and all is calm on the home front.
Section 8 housing is not pleasant to guard, and I am still trying for better positions. But I know that Life is still Good in Elfsea. And my event traveling will happen, just not as often.


>We missed you at the BBQ - we had brats for the grill, too! I ate one for
>you, and we still have leftovers, so if you really want one, let me know:)

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