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>To All Good Gentles and Nobles of These Lands
>I extend an invitation to join me in celebrating the anniversary of Andre
>and Dante's arriving in this world!
>In honour of their SIXTEENTH birthday (April 27 @ 12:30 and 12:31 pm) I
>am sponsoring tournaments to be held at Flag Pole Hill, on Sunday, April
>27, 2003.  The format will be the same as that of the recent Glaslyn
>Defender of the Flame, so come and show these two young men what fun they
>have to look forward to.  There will be prize baskets for the victors for
>both Chivalric and Rapier.
>Artisans, bring some small piece of your first attempt to display or
>explain to these two young gentles.  Bards, come and caress our ears with
>words of the day or past pieces that you struggled with when you began.
>After all, these two young gentles should have examples and mentors to
>fashion themselves after, if they are to achieve the rank and recognition
>necessary to become Knights or Masters of the Realm.  THERE WILL BE GIFTS
>Pack a picnic and bring the family!  There are tables, and at least one
>grill.  Bring chairs and pavilions (and more grills) and let us all share
>in the celebration of this passage into manhood (and being able to fight
>with real rattan, finally  ;-)  )
>Lady Francesca Laviana Sansovino
>Barony of the Steppes
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