[Elfsea] A list of questions

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Tue Apr 22 12:15:56 PDT 2003

> Question 1:
> Does Elfsea have too many events during a year?
> If you feel we have just the right number of events please say so and why
> you feel that way.
> If you feel that we have to many, again please state that, why you feel that
> way and what you think should be done.

No.  More would be too much work, less would be less fun.  We've arrived at a
very happy medium, I believe.

> Question 2:
> Do you like having Business Meeting and Populace meeting both on Monday
> Night?
> If you like this idea please state why.
> If you disagree please state your objection and what you think should be
> done regarding this matter.

I don't care either way.  I won't be able to make weeknight meetings, and
think weekend meetings would be a bad idea.

> Question 3 or Asking for ideas and comments
> How can we improve our retention and hospitaling to newcomers?

Be nice.  Play nice.  Be informative.  Pay more attention administratively to
those doing good work, rather than to those doing good paperwork.

The ideas you mention all have merit, provided they don't introduce more
paperwork or administrivia into a game that is already (IMNSHO) too heavily
burdened with paperwork.

> Question 4:
> Canton civic center has informed that they now have a scissor lift to hang
> banners from the ceiling.
> Does the Barony wish to make hanging banners like those seen at steppes
> events or coronations to use at canton?

Sure - sounds like a good idea.  Nice pretty things are always nice to have.

> Agree? Disagree? Why? If yes what would you volunteer for?

I am already too busy to be able to volunteer.

There's my opinions to toss into the pot.  Have fun with them :)


> That's all for now.
> Remember this is just a discussion.
> Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion.
> Master Richard Fairbourne
> Elfsea Seneschal
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