[Elfsea] A list of questions

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Tue Apr 22 13:32:56 PDT 2003

> Question 1:
> Does Elfsea have too many events during a year?
We have too few because some of us still have spare time,
though not much spare time. Seriously, I believe we should
let the people of Elfsea tell us by how hard it is to get
an autocrat and staff for an event. If an autocrat comes
forward and can recruit a staff, then lets do it. If not,
then lets not do it.

> Question 2:
> Do you like having Business Meeting and Populace meeting both
> on Monday Night?
I like it because it is predictable. Wednesday nights are
traditionally bad because of church and Loch Ruadh's meetings.
Friday/Sat/Sun are bad because of events. Thursdays get
clobbered when we have a major event because it will be
a loading night, but we have done business meetings on
Thursday night before.

I like having both meetings on the same night of the week
because I can block out Mondays as SCA nights.
Tuesday would be OK if both were Tuesday.

> Question 3 or Asking for ideas and comments
> How can we improve our retention and hospitaling to newcomers?
> Here are some ideas and I hope you will add allot more
> Newcomer is sponsored by a experienced remember of the barony
> who shows them the SCA ropes for the 3-6 months.
I like this.

> We have regularly scheduled newcomer parties, say once every
> 3 months, and socialize with the old and new members of the barony.
This would probably work, but would have low turnout based
on past experience. But the newcomers would have an event
of their own and that would be good.

> Fighter practice a sandwich style sign or any sign is brought
> to fighter practice that gives out basic information and a
> contact name and phone number, perhaps we could also have
> brochures attached to the sign in some way?
I like that if we also have the brochures and sign in. The
sign in is the most critical part.

> A designated follow up person for every sign up sheet for
> every demo to call and invite people to some SCA social
> function in modern clothes.
What function is this? I would suggest we invite them to
Moot and tell them modern clothes are OK. Most contacts
should be with people in garb or what is the SCA about
anyway? We need to emphasize that we have loaner garb
and make it easy for them to get some and alter it if

> Once every 3-6 months the barony, as a barony and with new
> people goes to one camping event and camps together.
Is this a new event or us traveling to someone else's
event and camping as a group? I like the later and not
the former.

> Question 4:
> Canton civic center has informed that they now have a scissor
> lift to hang banners from the ceiling.
> Does the Barony wish to make hanging banners like those seen
> at steppes events or coronations to use at canton?
> Agree? Disagree? Why? If yes what would you volunteer for?
Agree. That would be nice as long as it does not become a
death march to get it done quickly.

I would volunteer to help hang them and to provide work
space at my home to make them.

> That's all for now.
> Remember this is just a discussion.
> Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion.
> Master Richard Fairbourne
> Elfsea Seneschal
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