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Tue Apr 22 14:03:20 PDT 2003

For those of you going to Steppes Warlord who may not have seen this on your

During Steppes WarLord, the weather is often unbearably hot, gleefully
combined with rain, excessive humidity, high winds, whatever the Weather
Gods feel like tossing around.  This makes living in Elizabethan, or even
Italian garb a health hazard to the ladies in attendance.  This year, some
of us have gathered and decided that we will attend the event dressed in as
little as possible (while retaining the modesty the Middle Ages were known
for, of course) in order to keep the Chirurgeon's workload down to a
minimum(a bored Chirurgeon is a happy one, remember).  The final decision
was for the Indian Saree, consisting of a thin 'petticoat', a cropped
shirt-like Choli, and about 7 yards of wrapped and pleated fabric.  Finis.
Far less than any but basic 3rd Century, and certainly more exotic.  It's
our way of having fun, and still staying within the theme and period of the
event.  No one is required to participate.  Please re-read that sentence
again.  But any who wish to, are most welcome among the bevy of brightly
colored wraps and drapes.  Several of the group know the draping method for
the Saree and will be delighted to help anyone who is clueless.

Must add:  These garments leave bare parts of bodies that may not be
accustomed to the sun (bellies?).  Please, please, please, please: remember
to apply sunscreen to all exposed parts, and reapply often
and liberally.  Sunburn on tender skin is Not a good souvenir of the event!

>Ever in service,
>Gerita del Mare
>Warlord Chirurgeon in Charge

P.S. If you need directions on wearing a sari there are several websites.
And the ladies at Fabric World (Where I believe most of us purchased ours.)
were very helpfull. It is on 183, north side btw Carl & MacArthur.

Gabriele deB

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