[Elfsea] Sari Shops?

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Maria, dear, Fabric World is just off 183, two exits east of MacArthur.
It's not far - takes about 20 minutes from Flower Mound.  They have Salwar
Chameez up to size 56 (metric, and you've got to do a bit of hunting in the
racks), and they carry saree sets with the choli not yet made up (in other
words, a yard or so of fabric is clipped to the actual saree fabric) so you
can do your own.  I fit into a size 17 in the ready-made cholis, but didn't
like any they had.  Did buy a set like i just described, but frankly, with
the responsibilities i've somehow acquired for that event (innocent look),
i'll probably not bother wearing it because the Salwar give better freedom
of movement.  Do you like burgundy?


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> Hola!
> With all the talk about the Sari being the fashionable item at Warlord
> year, makes me want one too!
> Does anyone know where there is a local sari shop that carries plus size
> saris at a reasonble price?? I really don't wan to ttravel into Dallas,
> will if I absolutely have to.
> Maria
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