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> I would like to hear everyone's opinion on the questions listed below. We
> will discuss these at Populace meeting on Monday and at business
> meeting and at every fighter practice in May.
> Question 1:
> Does Elfsea have too many events during a year?

This is a good question to periodically raise. Let's see, currently we

Baronial College
Fool's Revel
Passage of Armes
Highland Games (not exactly an event, but take resources nonetheless)

Also, we support (or should):
Dragonsfire Tor Defender
Dragonsfire Tor Yule
And Three Bridges often plays host to many a redtape, demo or other kingdom

Am I forgetting any?

We must also be prepared to host crown, coronation, queen's champion or
another kingdom event, at the request of the crown. And consider that most
of us try to attend (and generally help out with) Gulf War, Steppes Warlord,
3 Kings and others. When you throw in a few library, school or scout
demos, I think this spreads us too thin and begs for burn-out, considering
the number of currently active baronial members (especially the ones that
repeatedly volunteer at these events). The proximity of Springfaire and
Baronial College on the calendar to Gulf War creates stress that I think we
could take a break from. Perhaps combine Baronial College and Fool's
Revel, or Passage of Armes and Fool's Revel.  Possibly combine Baronial
College and Springfaire and have two solid days of activities further away
(calendar-wise) from Gulf War. (Probably not, but I think we could reduce
the list by one or two events and have more energy for the ones that are
left. Highland Games is a good recruiting venue. Don't mess with that.
Passage of Armes or Fool's revel (or those combined) make for a good
training event for the novice autocrat. Maybe try holding Springfaire and
Baronial College on alternate years.

Once the economy improves and/or we have more active members, we
can always increase our ambition, but for now I think it needs to be
reigned in a bit.

Don't get me wrong, I think our volunteers have done wonderful jobs
with the last several events. But I think a few folks are in danger of
getting crispy and I want to continue to see everyone having fun.

> Question 2:
> Do you like having Business Meeting and Populace meeting both on Monday
> Night?

NO!!!  This one fact has kept me from participating more fully. And I know
I'm not the only one. We currently have several officer positions open
for bids and they, understandably, must attend at least either populace
meeting or business meeting as part of their commitment.
Having both of those meetings on the same night of the week excludes all
those who have a conflicting activity on the chosen night. Yeah, that's what
we need to do, reduce the pool of volunteers. <smirk> Seriously though, I
understand the desire of many to simplify their scheduling, but know that it
comes at the cost of greater participation by some. I love the barony and
the game we play and have considered giving up my conflicting family
activity in order to put in an officer bid, but I think it's kinda of crummy
that I'm forced to make that choice.

> Question 3 or Asking for ideas and comments
> How can we improve our retention and hospitaling to newcomers?

Threaten them with violence if they try to leave. Wait,....we do that when
they want to stay. Nevermind. :-)

> Here are some ideas and I hope you will add alot more
> Newcomer is sponsored by a experienced remember of the barony who shows
> them the sca ropes for the 3-6 months.
> We have regularly scheduled newcomer parties, say once every 3 months, and
> socialize with the old and new members of the barony.
> Figther practice a sandwich style sign or any sign is brought to fighter
> practice that gives out basic information and a contact name and phone
> number, perhaps we could also have brochures attached to the sign in some
> way?
> A designated follow up person for every sign up sheet for every demo to
> and invite people to some sca social function in modern clothes.
> Once every 3-6 months the barony, as a barony and with new people goes to
> one camping event and camps together.

All good ideas, though I agree with Caelin about not emphasizing or
encouraging sca events in mundane attire. We should focus on attracting
people that want to "play" in the sca. We can be friends outside the sca and
go to the movies and such later. Similar to newcomer parties, we could
instead (or in addition) every so often make newcomers the focus of one
meeting (moot, fighter practice, guild meeting, etc) that's normally being
held already. Actively solicit newcomer's input at that function and have
their education of that activity equal in importance to the activity itself.
("Bring a Newcomer Day")

> Question 4:
> Canton civic center has informed that they now have a scissor lift to hang
> banners from the ceiling.
> Does the Barony wish to make hanging banners like those seen at steppes
> events or coronations to use at canton?
> Agree? Disagree? Why? If yes what would you volunteer for?

I agree. My lady has an idea about this and may be able to volunteer a bit
of time to it, but I'll let her speak for herself. :-)

> That's all for now.
> Remember this is just a discussion.
> Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion.
> Master Richard Fairbourne
> Elfsea Seneschal
> Communication is the key.

Good questions! Thanks Richard and to all who've provided (and will provide)
their input. And to those who disagree with me, that's ok....you're
that's ok.


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