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Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Question 1:

Does Elfsea have too many events during a year?

If you feel we have just the right number of events please say so and why
you feel that way.

If you feel that we have to many, again please state that, why you feel that
way and what you think should be done.

I think we have a good comfortable, mix on this.  I wouldnt change.

Question 2:

Do you like having Business Meeting and Populace meeting both on Monday

If you like this idea please state why.
If you disagree please state your objection and what you think should be
done regarding this matter.

I think that Monday night works well for me.  and I think they should be on
the same day of the week.   Friday nights are out for me. due to other

Question 3 or Asking for ideas and comments
How can we improve our retention and hospitaling to newcomers?

Here are some ideas and I hope you will add alot more

Newcomer is sponsored by a experienced remember of the barony who shows them
the sca ropes for the 3-6 months.
      We have been mentoring for a number of years, however, I think in the
recent past they have been assigned to someone.  I feel that they should be
allowed to circulate and find some that they can communicate with.  Not
everyone communicates on the same level.

We have regularly scheduled newcomer parties, say once every 3 months, and
socialize with the old and new members of the barony.

This statement is very interesting,  personally, I have not heard of these
get-to-gathers, at all.

Figther practice a sandwich style sign or any sign is brought to fighter
practice that gives out basic information and a contact name and phone
number, perhaps we could also have brochures attached to the sign in some

Why not also have a table by the sign.  and someone to man it.  They could
take turns.

A designated follow up person for every sign up sheet for every demo to call
and invite people to some sca social function in modern clothes.

Usually the hospitallier takes care of that.

Once every 3-6 months the barony, as a barony and with new people goes to
one camping event and camps together.

Sounds Good

Question 4:
Canton civic center has informed that they now have a scissor lift to hang
banners from the ceiling.

Does the Barony wish to make hanging banners like those seen at steppes
events or coronations to use at canton?

Agree? Disagree? Why? If yes what would you volunteer for?

I will help on any project.  I think banners are a good idea.
That's all for now.

Armand, has some good ideas, however, I am opposed ti combining  events. due
to requirement  differences.       Innes
Remember this is just a discussion.
Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion.

Master Richard Fairbourne
Elfsea Seneschal
Communication is the key.

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