[Elfsea] SMU Medieval Faire - Today

David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 06:21:20 PDT 2003

Last reminder that the fair is today, i am heading out
from fortworth to SMU in about 10 minutes. Will be
there in about an hour or so.

**Remember to get the parking permit via the
instructions in the directions**

It does look like rain, but we do have an indoor area
from what i have been told so this is a go rain or

Please reach me on my cell - 972-877-4691 with any
questions for today about the demo. I am not good with
the area so directions are abit tough if you need them
on the fly.

see you there


> 	here are the directions to the SMU campus from I 30
> from either Fort Worth or Dallas:
> 	Take I 30 and follow the signs to 75 North, also
> known as North Central Expressway. . Once on 75
> North, exit at Exit 4 [ SMU Blvd/ Yale Blvd].
> 	Turn left at SMU Blvd, cross over North Central
> Expressway, and turn right at the second stop sign
> [Airline] . Turn left at the first stop sign [
> Dyer]. Park in front of Patterson Hall, which is the
> first building on your right. The Police Department
> is on the 1st floor, through the first door on the
> left.
> 	This is where everyone can apply for a special
> event parking permit.
> 	Once out of Patterson Hall, turn right and follow
> the curving road to the first stop sign.(This is
> Binkley Ave, but I could not see a street sign this
> morning}. Turn right at this first stop sign and
> right again at the next stop sign. This is Bishop
> Boulevard. At the top of the boulevard is the
> flagpole area where we will have the faire.
> 	I was assured that there would be no problem with
> parking the horse trailer along the boulevard - but
> I have to get special permission yet to park several
> cars at that location.( We may need to arrange for a
> police officer at a cost of $35 per hour).
> 	I should get more information on that this
> afternoon and will call you as soon as I know more
> details.
> 	It would be very helpful if we could get a count of
> cars with a lot of equipment as soon as possible.
> 	Others might be able to park in a public parking
> lot or at visitors parking meters.
> 	It will still be best to call me at 972-444-8878
> 	Thank you.
> 	Heidi

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