[Elfsea] A list of questions

Gerita hpockets at verizon.net
Thu Apr 24 07:52:19 PDT 2003

 Imagine driving up to Steppes Warlord as your first event and
> seeing the period encampment in full view at 2 in the morning, or driving
> around trying to find some place to camp?  Pretty intimidating.  It would
> nice to have a less fru fru camp the first time around to make sure that
> people know that they can bring their coleman's.

My Lady Meabh, this is exactly what happened to us!  We pulled in on a
Friday, found a place to set up, and by Saturday afternoon were so
overwhelmed that we packed up and went home!!  It was only because we're
both mulish that we ever attended another event after that!


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