[Elfsea] Crown Barony

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Sun Apr 27 13:46:57 PDT 2003

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Greetings Elfsea,
       As of about 10:00 this morning, Elfsea is a crown Barony. You may get
a Vicar and Vicaress tomorrow night, or mayby not. Your King will be at MOOT.
The result of the polling seems to indicate the populace of Elfsea is
waffling, doesn't think we are terrible but doesn't support us either. For
those who were there, when the first audit was done, the books were NOT so
bad that you couldn't tell if money was missing or not. There were a few
receipts missing, but everything was explained by several people who
confirmed each other. No lies, no coverups. The person doing the audit didn't
like it when she questioned why we made the purchases we made and I told her
why but said that why the Barony chose to purchase target butts, ect, was
really none of her business. So I guess she made it sound really bad. Anyway,
I still don't think Elfsea was broken but it will be fixed, one way or
Ta Ta
Peon of Elfsea

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