[Elfsea] Apologies for our absence

Vicki Marsh XaraXene at attbi.com
Mon Apr 28 19:01:01 PDT 2003

Dear Elfsea,

Donnel and I really did try to attend Moot tonight, but we had a small
problem.  When we stopped to get dinner to eat on the road, we smelled
gasoline fumes - a lot of gasoline fumes. We pulled into a parking lot, and
upon inspection, gasoline was spurting out from underneath my van.  We
called the Wonderful Cedar Hill Fire Department and they got to wrestle my
very large van without power steering - because they didn't want to start
the van with this immense pool of flammable material under it - and finally
rolled it away from the pool.  I think it's the fuel pump or a connector to
a hose.

Of course, we did get a few odd looks as we sat waiting for the fire truck
in our costumes and eating hamburgers in the parking lot of
Whataburger.....(Yes, I had taken off the coronet and put it away).  The
firemen raised a few eyebrows until we told them we were teachers.  That's
always a good explanation for strange dress:)

We called a wrecker and towed it to a mechanic's shop here in town.  John
(Donnel's husband) and David Cade both came to our rescue like the gallant
gentlemen that they truly are.

By the time we arrived back to my house, we decided that it was a futile
effort for us to attend Moot.  It *is* the night before the TAKS test, so
perhaps a certain diety wanted us to get to bed earlier....who knows?

Again, we are sorry we had to miss Moot.  Please know that all the people of
Elfsea are in our thoughts and prayers.


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