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Mon Apr 28 22:59:30 PDT 2003

Lets start with positive attitudes about anyone who
chooses to expose themselves to the scrutiny of the
Barony and Crown to win the chance to serve them.
And the process deserves our respect also.

The Crown polls the populace of Barony in part
because they are not allowed to choose anyone
who is substantially against the will of the
populace. This is not a democracy and they
do not have to choose the most popular person
or persons. Indeed, it is their responsibility
to choose the person or persons who they believe
will do the best job of leading their people and
this is not always the most popular choice.

Whatever you believe happened in the last hat
race, the Crown did indeed listen carefully to
the results of the polling as that determined
the smaller group of candidates from which the
final choice was made. Count Aaron and Countess
Bridget agonized over the various candidates'
strengths and weaknesses and chose the pair
they felt both had the support of the Barony
and could do the job.

It is a tough choice which can determine the
long term welfare of one of the strongest
Baronies in the Kingdom.

So let us approach this from a positive light.
Assume the Crown has Elfsea's continued
success at heart. Assume the candidates really
want to serve Elfsea and the Crown. And
be assured your advice to the Crown is heard.

In service,
HL Caelin on Andrede

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> Yes, as Crandal so aptly put it.
> Promises were made that were not kept.  So we come to another
> dog and pony
> show.   So all of the contenders, shake hands and come out
> swinging.  This is
> not the first hat race that I have seen.   Lets hope the
> contenders for the
> title conduct this in a more honorable fashion,  I have seen
> some contenders that have not stooped to dirty politics.  and
> hope that none do in this one. In my view, the crowned heads
> already know who will be the new Baaron and Baroness, the
> polling, in my opinion, is done for show,  Crowns do not have
> to abide by the numbers in the polling.   They appoint
> whoever they feel will
> do the best job. In the end it is not our decision to make.
> Good luck to all,  remember please,   clean politics.
> Lady Innes
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