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Tue Apr 29 05:14:46 PDT 2003

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        The last hat race we ran was very civil. We started out with about 7
couples and none ever said anything bad about another. We only talked about
what we wanted to do for the Barony. That shows that Elfsea can run a very
sane hat race, and afterward we were all still friends. I support Amy and
Armand for the position they now find themselves in. I only say to you,
please pray for them. I know the Barony will support them because we all love
them. But, There Be Wolves about. That was Aaron's response. He felt bad that
he threw us to the wolves. I said I did not know last year that there were
wolves about. Remember, wolves attack in packs. I do not believe the wolves
are in our Barony. But if there are wolves in sheeps clothing here, please
support Amy and Armand and give them a chance. I still believe Elfsea is the
best Barony in the known world and I am confident anything we do will be done
with style. The politics mostly come from outside, I hope. Hey, our landeds
served in years 3-2-1 - what's next? Blastoff? But seriously, I am now a
wiser person for this experience and I trust Elfsea to do what is best for
       Have fun but be Very Wary.
Just Siobhan - Has Been

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