[Elfsea] Moot last night...

CE Huse/Lady Maria ldy_maria at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 29 09:33:46 PDT 2003


I came to Moot last night hoping to find out what happened. Instead, I spent
nearly an hour and a half listening to the policies and rules of the Kingdom
and the SCA. I was so happy to see at least one person, HE Llewellyn, ask
the question that was burning in my mind. If he had not asked, I was fixing
to myself. I still feel that the answer that was given was not a
satisfactory one...

I'm sorry folks, but I feel that there was just too much beating around the
bush last night. I was not expecting to get a bunch of "dirty facts", but I
would like to know specific incidents of what led up to this. I have heard
from individuals of a few cases some lazy behavior, but not enough to
warrant the Crown stepping in.

I am very concerned for this Barony and I am very confused as to what has


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