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I too, wanted to say thank you to the Populace for the way Moot ran last
night. Of course, there is no reason to repeat all of Baroness Dana's
good words, so I'll just say "me too!"

I was concerned, as I had a newcommer joining us last night for her very
first contact with the SCA other than emails to several people locally.
After the meeting, she was very happy and excited about getting involved
with our group.

I wish to thank Their Majesties for their concern for and attention to
our newcommers last night. I also wish to thank HL Brigit, our
Hospitaler, for her attentiveness to our newcommers.

Tomas and I pledge our full support to the Barony, under the leadership
of our new Vicar and Vicaress, Armand and Ameline.

Life is good in Elfsea!!!


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I was so very proud of the Moot I attended last night. Vivat, the
What a first impression for newcomers!!
Vivat the incoming Vicar and Vicaress, Ld Armand and Honorable Lady

Baroness Dana Mac an Ghabhann

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