[Elfsea] Moot last night...

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Maria I am sure you are not alone in wanting to know what happened.
So if you want to know I will be happy to tell you or anyone else what has
been involved in this matter.

Just remember we cannot go back and change the mistakes of the past, just
learn from them.

I will not do this at a fighter practice, as I do not want to take away from
the fun we have. Also this will not take place at business meeting or at
populace as the Barony has important business to conduct at these meetings.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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I came to Moot last night hoping to find out what happened. Instead, I spent
nearly an hour and a half listening to the policies and rules of the Kingdom
and the SCA. I was so happy to see at least one person, HE Llewellyn, ask
the question that was burning in my mind. If he had not asked, I was fixing
to myself. I still feel that the answer that was given was not a
satisfactory one...

I'm sorry folks, but I feel that there was just too much beating around the
bush last night. I was not expecting to get a bunch of "dirty facts", but I
would like to know specific incidents of what led up to this. I have heard
from individuals of a few cases some lazy behavior, but not enough to
warrant the Crown stepping in.

I am very concerned for this Barony and I am very confused as to what has


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