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 > I believe that address would be Your Excellency -
 > HL Arabella

Actually, they are addressed by their personal titles as the roles of
Vicar and Vicaress do not carry any rank.  In this situation it would be
Honourable Lady Ameline and Lord Armand, Vicaress and Vicar of Elfsea -
because Ameline has the higher rank.

If you have any more questions about titles that people can and should
use - whether your own or someone else's, come to Heralds, Scribes and
Illuminators and ask.  Elfsea is lucky to currently have both of the
Kingdom's Education Heralds in her ranks as well as the current Star
Principal Herald.  We are more than happy to help people understand the
way the Society and Ansteorra in particular use precedence and titles.

In Service to Elfsea and her People,
Dama Anezka z Rozmitala
Actuarius Herald

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