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Actually a vicar was a person chosen to take care of land adjoining the
church (known as Glebe Land)the income from this land was used to help
support the Rector of the church.
The word Vicar comes from the same root as the word vicarious, meaning
deputised or delegated. So far I haven't found an official title for a vicar
except Vicar.

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>LOL!  I sort of lean towards "your Holiness".  Only because one of Pope
>John-Paul II's other titles is "Vicar of Christ".  Not to be disrespectful,
>but i've only heard a man of religion referred to as a Vicar.  Another
>option is just 'Vicar'.  They're not awful common in this Country, but my
>Agatha Christie novels tell me they had/have them in Britain, and they seem
>to just call them "Vicar".
>So who's the Protocol Laurel that can tell us the real answer?
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> > No, this is wrong. We made the mistake of calling the Vicar and Vicaress
> > Eldern Hills Your Excellency and we were told that was wrong. They
> > themselves your suffenciency untill they were finally invested some
> > later as Baron and Baroness.
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