[Elfsea] Vivat, the populace!!

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I agree.  Their Majesties seem genuinely concerned that they were doing what
was best for the populace.   They have spent a lot of time listening, and I
appreciate their attention.

Baron Llywelyn

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I was so very proud of the Moot I attended last night.  Vivat, the
populace!!  You were courteous, listened (I could actually hear
everything that was said), and asked some darn good questions.  We are
off to a very good new beginning.  My hope is that you will continue to
give the Vicar and Vicaress the same attentiveness next month at Moot.
What a
first impression for newcomers!!

The Crown had a very tough decision to make this past weekend. Some of
us agreed with Them, some of us did not. They sought out and listened to
each and every
one that requested time with Them. Her Majesty sat the ENTIRE day!! She
asked questions of me that were very tough to answer. Things I hadn't
considered or thought about.  I was very impressed with Her knowledge
and insight.  She did not take this lightly and I felt that She was
really hearing my words. "If" She had strong feelings one way or the
other She sure didn't give that away. I left Her not knowing what Their
decision would be, but very confident that it would be made with what
They felt in Their hearts and soles was best for the Barony as a whole
at this time.  I will support Their decision to the best of my ability
and hope everyone will do the same.

Vivat the incoming Vicar and Vicaress, Ld Armand and Honorable Lady

Baroness Dana Mac an Ghabhann

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