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Galen here (It had to happen sometime)...

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Master Richard wrote:
> Maria I am sure you are not alone in wanting to know what happened.
> So if you want to know I will be happy to tell you or anyone else what has
> been involved in this matter.
> Just remember we cannot go back and change the mistakes of the past, just
> learn from them.

What if the "mistakes of the past" turn out to be character assassination
and railroading of the Baron & Baroness?  What lesson should we learn then?

> I will not do this at a fighter practice, as I do not want to take away from
> the fun we have. Also this will not take place at business meeting or at
> populace as the Barony has important business to conduct at these meetings.
> Anyone have a suggestion?

I have a suggestion; the history of the Barony of Elfsea has just taken a
sudden, mostly unexpected, some would say undeserved, sharp right turn.
Perhaps the mad rush to "the future" and "putting it all behind us" could be
put on hold for a minute so that everyone can come to an understanding of
what has actually happened, who has done what to whom, and why.  I know that
having talked to Daniel, Xene, Llywelyn, and Arabella, and traded email with
Fearghus, Maria, Honour, Timothy, and Miguel, and also left a phone message
for Their Majesties that has gone un-returned, I still don't believe I know
the real reason why the Baron & Baroness were asked to step down.  I'm sure
I'm not the only one who believes that, as Guildenstern remarked, "there's
something they're not telling us".

I am amazed that the Seneschal of the Barony wouldn't think that these
questions were worth time in an actual venue of the barony, but only to be
discussed in private conversation.

This is inconsistent with your new motto, "communication is the key",


Master Richard also wrote
> Until we have additional and more definitive information from their
> majesties and their successors on any possible future hat race lets just
> drop the topic all together.

Why?  What future surprises are planned, that would be ruined by someone
else making plans?

People were told that no decision about Daniel & Siobhan would be made until
Monday, and then the time schedule was moved up suddenly and without warning
and first thing Sunday morning they were pushed out.  Who's to say that
Their Majesties won't announce a quick two-hour polling at Coronation and
put in their favorites as B&B, while everyone else is waiting for September
to think about the "hat race".

What's that?  It would violate _Corpora_?  And which of you will stand up to
Miguel in his court, with Patrick standing by, and publically say so?  Who
stood up for Daniel & Siobhan?  None of you, I think.

Elfsea is certainly _not_ better off on Tuesday than it was on Thursday.  It
will be a long time before things are as good there as they were last week.
Nothing has been fixed; some good people have suffered unjust punishments.
If you don't unite, learn the truth, and stand up for yourselves and _each
other_, it will surely happen again.


Baroness Dana wrote:
> I believe the Crown as well as the Kingdom Seneschal & Treasurer all
> said if you had questions contact them and they would try to have
> answers for you.

Did they?  I called the Crown on Sunday.  I got their answering machine.
They haven't replied to the polite message I left.


Lord Armand wrote:
> If you do not currently hold an office.......why not?

Oh, Armand.  I know you have to get these offices filled.  But you should be
more up front with people.  Being an officer of Elfsea today, and
particularly being its next ruler, is to paint a target on your back.  The
risk to your good name and enjoyment of the SCA is great, unless you perform
with complete perfection.  If your work is called into question, you will
receive little support from those you have tried to serve, every flaw in
your character and idiosyncracy in your behavior will be brought up, and you
will find yourself severely disillusioned.

Doing a good job in office will go largely unnoticed; trying your best and
failing will be treated little better than active sabotage.  These are the
lessons of the recent weeks' excitement, which Master Richard has encouraged
us to learn.

Knowing all this, Elfsea still needs good officers.  So if you volunteer, do
it with your eyes open.  And in my opinion, the same goes for offices of all
sorts at every level.


Lord Armand also wrote:
> The Crown will announce when a polling and investiture is to occur. Let us
> not be presumptious. Speculation is understandable and natural, but not
> terribly helpful.

Ah, but Baron & Baroness is just another vacant office, which will have to
be filled.  Anyone foolish enough to want to be next will naturally ask "why
not me?"  And anyone with the maturity to be next will certainly want to
begin now to answer that question, and address his own shortcomings, the
better to be ready -- and be seen to be ready -- whenever the call may come.
Which, in fact, is exactly what the barony will need in its next Baron &

> In the meantime, let us earnestly address the
> circumstances that have brought us here,

Yes, please.  I'd like this addressed earnestly:  Can anyone say exactly
_why_ the Baron & Baroness were removed, after the Baron was given a service
award by this Crown only last month?  I have heard several reasons, none
justify the action taken.  Most, closely examined, appear to be slander on
either Miguel & Conal, or on Daniel & Siobhan, or on all four together.


And Lady Maria wrote:
> Ok...I've gotten some e-mails in my personal box. I would like to clarify
> something.

Maria, nobody likes it when you're trying to pull back the curtain hiding
the wheels, levers, and gauges that make the fancy machinery go.


Lady Thora wrote:
> While on the subject of Who is Who and What is What,  what is the proper term
> of address for the Vicar and Vicaress?

A question of some immediacy it would seem.  There is no term of address for
Vicar or Vicaress.  They have whatever titles their ranks carry.  And may
God have mercy on their souls.

And that's the hand grenade from me.  The news from Elfsea that reaches me
here in the Midrealm has been upsetting in the extreme; I dare not go into
detail about how it all looks from here; suffice to say that from where I
sit, there are no good guys, and no heroes.  Just those who are villains,
and those who are victims, of either the villains, their own errors, or

You are all in my prayers.

- Galen of Bristol

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