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Wed Apr 30 09:54:43 PDT 2003

Thank you, Your Excellency

Phellipe and I will both be there.


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Unfortunately, the meeting at Guardian of the Tor was almost exactly like
the presentations made at Moot.  The only difference was that questions were
not allowed.

I really like what Maria wrote:
"I am not asking these questions to inflame or only focus on the negative. I
am asking these questions because I was under the impression that everything
was going good. Then BLAMMO! We have a new seneschal and the B&B are asked
to step down. When things such as this start happening to the people and
things that are I love and hold dearly, I start asking questions."

I agree that we need to ask questions about what happened.  We need to make
sure our friends were not unjustly accused.  (That does not appear to be the
case.)  We need to make sure we don't make the same mistake again.  I would
also like to know how things got to be so serious.

Free Saturdays are scarce, so any Saturday discussion will conflict with
something.  This Saturday afternoon our house will be open from 4:00pm until
midnight.  As our new Prince and Princess are being crowned at Northkeep, we
can discuss what happened here.  Please bring something for the grill and
something to share, like drinks or veggies or chips or desert.  I doubt all
of our questions will have answers, so we might have to have more parties in
the future.  (oh, darn!)

Baron Llywelyn

Llywelyn at Elfsea.net

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