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This is a wonderful idea Master Darius!

Bedford Boys Ranch meets all these requirements, including Tennis
Courts. They do have small grills, but I'd be happy to bring mine out
again for such an evening. And at least currently, I know the park has
plenty of room on Wednesday nights.


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hmm I am thinking summer... Kids out of school in need of doing
parents going stir crazy.....

An evening in the park where there is a playground for kids and possibly
grill or a patch of grass for games including kids of all ages (Bocce,
Shuttle Cock, Tennis and howmany other period park games could we find)

But most of all enjoying time with freinds and getting to know each
better. Just an evening in a week or every two weeks maybee? Possibly
this summer reserve a pavillion at a park and have an all day BBQ come
you are revel

Sound interesting?

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