[Elfsea] Ideas for FUN!

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 30 12:49:58 PDT 2003

Well for my self and my family, Wednesday nights are bad (not that this
should affect planing if this is the best night for most people) how about a
Tuesday or Thursday?

At Home in Elfsea
Darius of the Bells
(Who has this strange sensation that his hand is some how above his head)

Rixande Wrote :
> [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
> This is a wonderful idea Master Darius!
> Bedford Boys Ranch meets all these requirements, including Tennis
> Courts. They do have small grills, but I'd be happy to bring mine out
> again for such an evening. And at least currently, I know the park has
> plenty of room on Wednesday nights.
> Rixende

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