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I too am setting up classes for new comers and I would love to combine efforts. Many hands, light work they say. Just let me know how I can help.


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Hi, Allyson!

I've missed you and wondered where you went off to (actually I just forgot
that you were in school!)...Welcome back!

Maybe you can get with Rixende and set up an A&S night with her. Also, Nuala
and Vincenzo are planning severaql collegiums during the summer, you should
get with them and see if any of their plans meets with your skills.

I would love to come to King's College but it's going to depend on funds.
Speaking of which....I really enjoyed going down to my first King's College
with Arabella, Stella, Murrien and I forget but I think there was someone
else, too.  Can we try for something like this again?


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Hey Elfsea!!

Now that school is down to days I have left (six...not that I'm
counting or anything!)...and my summer is looking mighty good...
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a
guild type group?

I can teach newcomers, anything to do with medicine, list
running, courtly etiquette...etc.  Any ideas?  I can open my
house or I we could meet somewhere else.  I am dying to get back
into the swing of things...I miss the SCA so very much!

If anyone is interested as well, I will be teaching a class at
King's College in June over "The History of Sex and
Prostitution."  This will have a strictly enforced 18 and over
participant list, so please be prepared.  Other topics that I
will be teaching in the near future will be the "Childbirth and
Midwifery" and another "History of Surgery" class TBA.

Let me know if you want to get together soon!

Warm wishes to all...

Allyson Tymmes

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